Hilarious web series mayhem:  A woman's life is upended when her inner thoughts take on a life of their own.

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La La Land


This comedy series follows a neurotic, Type-A attorney who, after being flung head first from the corporate ladder, decides to pursue stardom in LA, with a fah-bu-lous model sidekick who is everything the attorney, well, isn’t.

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Treasure Hunt

An interactive suspense and mystery experimental pilot!  Click the above to watch and visit www.youtube.com/asamfilmlab for more!


News, Interviews, Behind the Scenes Treats, and Performances from talented Americans of Asian descent in the Entertainment Industry!

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A sports style epic battle of pugilistic parenting where if your child doesn't become the President, you're a failure!


A medley of innovative, bold and deliciously diverse American entertainment


(originally televised on NYCLife and CrossingsTV)  Rate it on IMDB here.