La La Land Episode 1: Go West, Young Women, Go West!

In La La Land Webisode 1, Jessica, a neurotic young attorney, gets hurled from the corporate ladder, and a diva skin model named Bunny decides to retire. . .a chain of events that throws this modern day Odd Couple together. 

La La Land Episode 2: Welcome to WeHo

In La La Land Webisode # 2, the "Odd Couple" meets face-to-face and, in spite of Bunny's distress over Jessica's lack of hotness and Jessica's disdain of Bunny generally, realize they have to rent an apartment together as neither one knows anyone else in LA. 

La La Land Episode 3: Something's Cooking!

In La La Land Webisode 3, Jess and Bunny's new property managers, a husband-wife duo named Justin and Tammy, take their new tenants out to dinner, much to Tammy (and later Bunny and Jessica's) dismay. . . 

La La Land Episode 4: I Wanna Be on TMZ

In La La Land Webisode 4, the girls escape through a bathroom window and head to a hip bar, where Bunny demonstrates just how far she will go--literally and figuratively--to be on TMZ

La La Land Episode 5: Miss Marigold and the Magic of Hair Straightening

In La La Land Webisode 5, Bunny adopts a pet (on whom she bestows her "porn name") and tries to teach Jessica how to get--and keep--an audition

La La Land Episode 6: Auditions, Producers and Scripts! Oh my!

In episode 6, Jessica gets an audition for an episodic and Bunny tries to do her roomie a favor, about which Jessica's mother has some sage advice