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Rissa Lavilla

Rissa Lavilla is the Film Lab’s Social Media Coordinator. A New York based Producer and Creative for stage and screen, Rissa started out as a post production editor at NBC Universal. She found a passion being part of casting and producing. You can find her working with Production and Marketing teams for Broadway, Off-Broadway, and […]

Francis Chin

Francis Chin is the Shootout Coordinator for 2024. Francis has led numerous 72 Hour Film Shootout teams. These productions were often shot and edited simultaneously in New York and Asia, and have won the Best Screenwriting and Best Use of Theme awards. Francis is a born and bred New Yorker, growing up and residing in […]

Chan, Joe

Age Range: 50-70 Languages and Level: British/American English (fluent), Cantonese/Toisan (fluent), Mando & Spanish (conversational). Website  Contact ( NYC, Tri-State location SAG-AFTRA

Keeland Bowers

Keeland Bowers, an Unfinished Works Coordinator alum, returns to Film Lab to mentor the 2023 Unfinished Works programming series! Keelan’s passion is to find, amplify, and sometimes create these un-championed narratives of hope and inspiration. Follow him on Instagram @keeofb.

Tyler Ham Pong

Tyler Ham Pong, the Secretary of the Film Lab, acted as Film Lab’s Shootout coordinator in 2020. Born in Ottawa, Tyler Ham Pong first appeared onstage as Lorenzo in “The Merchant of Venice” at the National Arts Centre in Canada. He would later move to New York City to further his acting career where he […]

Erin Quill

Erin Quill assists with Film Lab’s social media. She is is an American actress,writer and singer of Chinese, Welsh, and Irish descent.  She is a dual citizen of the United States and Australia. She was a member of the original Broadway cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q. Quill is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance. Quill writes […]

Auburn, Elaine

Type: Mom, Teacher, Lawyer/Doctor/Scientist, Yogi, Host (teleprompter), Voiceover. Age Range: 30s-40s  Languages: Fluent English, Fluent Cantonese Website Contact Geographic Region: Los Angeles based, available to self-tape/travel. Union Status: Non Union / SAG-eligible Training: Second City, Scott Sedita, Chekhov

McGloin, Matthew

Character/Leading/Supporting AGE RANGE:  30-40 LANGUAGES:  ENGLISH (Native) Website   Conatct:  SW Artists 718-812-5070 Member, Film Lab New York AEA

Daniel, Annabelle

Ingenue, Girl Next Door Actor presents as 16-25 years old Language: English, Native Contact Member, Film Lab, NEW YORK Non Union

Cheng, Stephanie

Cheng, StephanieLeadingAge Range: 20s and 30sLanguages: American English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhou dialectWebsiteContact Member, FILM LAB NEW YORKSAG-Eligible2nd Rounder at Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition