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Daryl King

Daryl King, a Brooklyn native,went to high school in New York, and graduated from Columbia University in 2010.  A gifted writer and organized thoughtful artist, Daryl has been inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s playful rebellion against strict and stark subjectivity.  Perfection is part of the requirement and qualifications of art and architecture, which is the reason why, as Daryl puts it, you find him “residing in the wake of the wave of life, taking ideas and inspiration from what has already been practiced.  That designer, above many others, has used subversive tactics to enlighten her crowd. Personal memories and events are necessary for something to be displayed and deemed knack.”  Daryl first joined the Film Lab team as a volunteer seeking funding for the Film Lab’s annual 72 Hour Shootout and soon moved on to assisting with Grants and Fundraising generally.  Daryl currently serves proudly in the United States Navy.