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Industry Professionals


Vidal, Stan

Leading Man 30’s/40’s Languages: English (fluent, native); Some simple Tagalog  Contact Member, Asian American Film Lab NEW YORK and NEW JERSEYNon-Union

Walters, Brian

Lead / Supporting / Commercial 20’s to 30’s Fluent Japanese Nicole Astell/Prestige Management Member, Asian Amerian Film Lab NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA

Wu, John

Leading Man, Character Actor 20’s/30’s Languages:  English Contact Website Member Asian American Film Lab NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA, AEA

Yeh, Roger

Leading Man 20’s/30’s Languages:  English (fluent/native), Mandarin (conversational) Contact Represented by UGA Talent, Website Member, FILM LAB NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA

Tang, Chen

Leading Man 20’s Languages: English (fluent – unaccented and Southern accent (TN)), Mandarin Chinese (conversational) Contact(212) 315-5505 Website Member, Asian American Film Lab, LOS ANGELES and TENNESSEE         AEA/SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Kuykendall, Jeremy

Caucasian Male 30’s Languages:  English, Sign Language Contact Member, Film Lab NEW YORK Non Union

Falcon, Erwin

Type:  Leading, Supporting 30’s Languages and Level (fluent, conversational, etc.)  English (native), Tagalog (minimal) Website Contact: Member, Film Lab NEW YORKSAG-AFTRA, AEA

Estrada, Ariel

Arts Administrator and Performer 50’s/60’s Website Contact Member, Film Lab NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA, AEA

Clowe, Terrence

Leading 40’s Website Contact:   Across The Board Talent, Member, Film Lab NEW YORK AEA, SAG-AFTRA

Chu, Jim

Leading Man 50’s Languages:  English (native); Cantonese (conversational); Mandarin (basic) Contact Member, Film Lab NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCOS AG-AFTRA