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Don’t worry!  There are only two!  

First, register here beginning March 1, online across the globe and ending on the first Thursday of June.  Register early for the best deals:  $25 in March, $50 in April and so on.    



Submit both forms WITH your completed Shootout film. 

 Finally, submitting  a tv pilot?  Submit this third form if you want to enter a 24 minute tv pilot based on your Shootout film for potential televised broadcast. 


For Delivery Specs (you should send movies and tv pilots to us in HD, of course) the requirements are avail via a PDF you can easily download on our FAQs page, here.

**NOTE:   You must obtain signatory status directly from SAG if you use SAG actors and you alone are responsible for ensuring your film’s compliance with SAG rules and contracts.**

If you are registering by mail ONLY, use the PayPal link below.  Otherwise, register online using the button on the main Shootout page.  NO PayPal payment will be valued towards Shootout registration without receipt of an accompanying Registration Form I.  If no registration form accompanies a payment, it will be considered a donation towards the Shootout.  There are no refunds.  Thank you!

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