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The Actor Directory and the Unfinished Works Program 

The Unfinished Works program is the Film Lab’s longest running program (since 1998) and provides screenwriters with the opportunity to see their work brought to life by Film Lab Actor Directory members and then led through a constructive workshop by the Unfinished Works Coordinator for the Film Lab, at no cost. The programs are recorded and shared with the public.

Actors interested in joining the Actor Directory should email

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of the Unfinished Works program is to provide (1) screenwriters of color and/or from underrepresented groups (all colors) and/or (2) screenwriters writing about diverse and/or Asian American themed stories or with at least one Asian American character to receive honest and practical feedback on their unfinished screenplay through seeing and hearing their screenplay read aloud by professional actors in a table read, followed by a workshop of their script utilizing the Liz Lerman technique. 


Screenwriters can submit their logline and synopsis for consideration by the Film Lab Unfinished Works (“UW”) coordinator via email to:

The Process 

In general, expect the process to take a minimum of 4-6 weeks.  

To Submit 

Screenwriters are asked to send a logline, synopsis of their script to with a short email explaining why they think Unfinished Works will help them develop and improve their script.  Film Lab will work to help create a relationship with the writers we workshop, so, ideally, you’ll come back and workshop edited versions of your script all the way to, in the case of films, a rough cut.  If you are selected, congratulations!  The process begins with providing the Unfinished Works coordinator with your full length script and explaining the aspects that are most critical to you to work on.  Then, you participate in the casting process, per the below guidelines, sit back, relax and -literally!- enjoy the show!  

To Cast 

We require that participants cast ALL their actors from Film Lab Actor Directory members.  

The Actor Directory is comprised of actors who have shown excellence in their craft and a commitment to supporting diversity in the arts.  For more information about joining the Directory, please email

If your screenplay is chosen for workshopping, you can either (1) scroll through the Directory and contact actors directly to cast them yourself or (2) email your character breakdowns to and we will post them to our members.  Even if you choose the 2nd option, you are encouraged to scroll through the Directory and submit your preferences from it to the Unfinished Works Coordinator.  If you have a particular actor or actors you simply must cast who are not members of the Directory, you can “fast track” their membership, however, you or they will be responsible for the $20 set-up charge per actor, which must be received prior to the reading. Then, we provide a venue, whether live or virtual, for you, free of charge, and conduct a structured reading and workshop in a style the Coordinator can explain to you in more detail, which is designed to give each writer specific, individualized feedback that expressly focuses on his/her/their needs.  

Rehearsals and Directors 

We generally don’t use directors or have rehearsals. Part of the fun is seeing how the actors themselves interpret the script. It can be an eye-opening part of the process to let the actors self-direct and see what happens!  This is an experimental creative process and you’re free to try out what you think will best help you improve the piece in this regard.  Any director must agree to abide by these program requirements and to work closely with the Coordinator, to ensure the best possible collaboration and efficient use of talent for the program.  You may also self-direct, if discussed with and agreed to by the Coordinator.   

Rehearsals, if utilized (we generally counsel against them), are at the discretion of the Unfinished Works Coordinator and typically consist of a run through just prior to the reading/workshop and on the day of the workshop. Rehearsal(s) on other days/times are not included in the program since the moderator and actors are all donating their time, free of charge, to aid the writer. However, if the writer and the Unfinished Works Coordinator both agree an extra rehearsal would be very beneficial and the actors also agree, you are required to compensate the actors and, if applicable, the director, for any rehearsal outside of the day of the reading at $25 per person minimum.  The Film Lab does not cover this extra cost.  The rehearsal may be virtual, via Zoom, at the Coordinator’s discretion. 

Programs and Press 

The Film Lab often puts out a press release and/or social media news releases about our Unfinished Works program.    

Programs are recorded and shared publicly, at the Film Lab’s discretion, to help the writers and actors gain exposure, to aid the public in accessing non-mainstream and diverse new works and to assist other writers as a teaching tool. By participating in the program, you agree that your workshop may be so shared.

The Film Lab provides programs for the Unfinished Works events at its discretion.  

Film Lab Credit 

In the event you find the workshop useful and produce the script you agree to provide Film Lab with a credit. 


Many participants make a “thank you” donation to Film Lab for the gratis space, hosting and casting of their screenplay.  If you would like to do so, please let our admin know if you will need a receipt for tax deduction purposes (we are a 501(c)(3)).  Thank you. 

If Your Submission is Not Chosen 

If your submission is not chosen, please do not be disheartened.  We receive a large number of submissions and sometimes have a 2-3 month waitlist.  Please come to our events, network and enjoy and keep submitting!   


As mentioned above, we do require that participants cast all of their actors from the Asian American Film Lab Actor Directory (you can peruse headshots and reels online at  We also require all actors and the writer to sign releases prior to the reading as we will livestream the event for our members on both coasts and to do press and media photography.  

Should you wish to cast a specific actor who is not a member of the Directory, he or she may become one in advance of the workshop by filling out a submission and providing a de minims fee to cover costs for uploading their information and web hosting. For details, email your Unfinished Works coordinator.  

Sometimes, writers ask us about rehearsals, directors and changing to a different venue of their choosing.  With regard to rehearsals, because the actors are performing gratis, if the writer would like a rehearsal, the writer, Coordinator and actors must all agree to to do this and the writer must pay the actors and coordinator each a nominal stipend of $25-$50 (depending on the writer’s financial situation) per person, provided that the Unfinished Works coordinator and the actors agree.  The writer may direct such rehearsal or provide her or his own director, at her or his own cost.  Directors are purely optional and the Film Lab does not provide one. The Film Lab does provide a workshop moderator, who is an experienced screenwriter, to provide feedback and solicit structured feedback from the audience.  The moderator is provided free of charge.  The Film Lab also provides a gratis venue, whether live or virtual, of the Film Lab’s choosing for the reading and workshop.  If a writer would like to switch to a different venue, provided the Unfinished Works coordinator gives advance approval, the writer may arrange her or his own venue, at her or his own cost.


Thank you in advance for your submission and we look forward to hearing from you!  

The AsAmFilmLab Team

**ACTORS interested in being included in the Asian American Film Lab’s Actor Directory should email, attn Georges**