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2019 – 72 Hour Shootout

The theme of the 2019 Shootout, “Balancing Act,” created the focal point for the top ten winning line-up of films which included:

Grand Prize: The Real McCoy, Team Kill The Pig, led by Tyler Ham Pong

1stRunner Up: The Suit, Team Knocking Point Productions, led by R.G. Rader

2ndRunner Up: In Sync, Team L Train Down, led by Josephine Huang

4.         Balancing Sacrifice, Team RAWMIX, led by Rommel Andaya

5.         Get Milk?, Team Hungry?, led by Brandon Lee

6.         Be Gentle, Team Green Lit Film, led by Shashwat Gupta

7.         By the Deadline, Team Peasants of Fluffs, led by Lorna Ma

8.         All American, Team Jazz, led by Jasmine Lewis

9.         Workplace, Team Apis Mellifera, led by Justin Woo

10.       I, You, Team HIIT Show, led by David Choi

Individual Award Winners:

The Winner of Most Original Use of Theme: Same Same, Team Living in the Meow, led by Lava Buckley

The Winner of Best Editing: All American, Team Jazz, led by Jasmine Lewis 

The Winner of Cinematography: Zachary D. Mills of In Sync, Team L Train Down 

The Winner of Best Director: Kai Braden of I, You, Team HIIT Show, led by David Choi 

The Winner of Best Screenwriting: Lorna Ma, By the Deadline, Team Peasants of Fluffs 

The Winner of Best Overall Female Content Creator, sponsored by NYWIFT:

Josephine Huang of Team L Train Down

The Winner of Best Actor: Tyler Ham Pong of The Real McKoy

The Winner of Best Actress:  Arlyn Dela Pena of Team RAWMIX, led by team captain Rommel Andaya


Watch the 2019 Top Ten on AAFL TV!

The 2019 Shootout took place the first weekend of June 2019