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2022 72 Hour Shootout: Joyful Resistance

THE THEME OF THE 2022 72 HOUR SHOOTOUT WAS ‘JOYFUL RESISTANCE‘! Check out the WINNERS of the 2022 Shootout here!

The film festival launch party was July 20, 2022. The judge/sponsor private top three pre-screen red carpet and cocktail reception, sponsored by One United Nations Park, was a swanky red carpet affair in New York City on July 23rd! The winning films premiered IN PERSON August 7th at the Asia Society (12 noon EST) and via VOD at the festival Aug. 8-13 here.  The premiere screener is also available on AAFL TV and the top 50 films showcase fall 2022 as part fo the Film Lab’s long-running television series Film Lab Presents.

The winners of the Film Lab’s 18th annual 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition (the “Shootout”) premiered at the 45th annual Asian American International Film Festival in New York City today at noon.  The premiere, at The Asia Society, showcased compelling and nuanced stories from underrepresented filmmakers.  The premiere screening was followed by a filmmaker panel, moderated by Virginia Myung of CAPA (Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans).  The films will be available on VOD for the next week through the festival.  All films were based on the theme “Joyful Resistance,” which, as actor and Film Lab President Jennifer Betit Yen explained, constituted a “way of reconditioning by taking a positive emotion – joy – and attaching it to reactions to terrible things, to injustice.  We used this theme to reinvent the negative framework to create control in chaos and to take joy from the ability to stand up and take action, joy from the ability to resist, joy from the opportunity to create justice or help to create justice.”

The winners of the 2022 72 Hour Shootout were:  Top 8 (draw): Team Minjo, “Dandelions” by Team Leader Min Ding; Team Cleaver Crew, “Inner Peace” by Team Leader Lily Liu; and Team Chew Tube, “The Joy of Resistance” by Team Leader Kevin Chew.  Top 7: Team A Reel Company, “The Builder” by Team Leader Dillon Herbig.  Top 6: Team Wise Owls, “SAD” by Team Leader Aimiende Negbenebor Sela, which also won Most Original Use of Theme.  Top 5: Team No Fun No Game, “Frapp Gab” by Team Leader Yiqing Zhao.  Top 4: Team Story Mode, “Honhyeol” by Team Leader Michael Hyon Johnson, which also won Best Director and Best Screenwriting.  Top 3: Team Agu, “Agu” by Team Leader Di Quon.  Top 2: Team Spirit Prince, “They Meet at Night” by Team Leader Cameron Kalajian, which also won Best Cinematography and Best Southeast Asian Content Creator.  Grand Prize:Team Monkey King Productions, “Moving On” by Team Leader Kevin Leung, which also took Best Actors, Best Woman Content Creator (Kimi Rutledge) and Outstanding LGBTQ Content Creator.  Film Lab’s Shootout Coordinator, Ariel Urim Chung, noted, “[t]his year’s theme, Joyful Resistance, evoked honest stories that were urgent and complicated, and exactly what we needed during this time.”

The Shootout is a worldwide filmmaking competition celebrating gender and ethnic diversity in film in which filmmaking teams are given this common theme at the start and have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and complete short films up to five minutes in length.  More information at ( and


Join the annual 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition and break some glass ceilings!

The 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition (the “Shootout”) is an annual, global filmmaking competition celebrating diversity in front of and behind the camera.

Teams compete for access to a year of free educational and networking events, mentorships with executives at major networks like ABC, cash, prizes and the chance to have their films screened at film festivals, both nationally and internationally, and on television.  The top 50 films from the Shootout will air across the country on the next season of Film Lab Presents


Spring Filmmaking How-To Workshop Series April 30-May 20, 2022 (FREE for registered competitors; all others register here)

June 2, 8pm EST: The THEME of the 2022 Shootout is announced, upon which the films must be based and filmmaking commences!

June 5, 8pm EST: All films are due and Vimeo or retransfer download links must be sent to Shootout@filmlab

July 20, 2022: Launch Party for the Asian American International Film Festival. The top ten Shootout films will premiere at the festival. This is a chance to meet other filmmakers and network. RSVP here.

July 23, 2022: Special Private Screening & Cocktail Reception in Manhattan for Judges, Sponsors and Top Three Filmmakers. Special thanks to event sponsor One United Nations Park.

August 7, 2022: The Top Ten Films Premiere at the Asian American International Film Festival. Location: The Asia Society, NYC. Time: 12 Noon EST. Watch via festival VOD here August 8-13, 2022.