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2020 72 Hour Shootout

The 2020 Shootout was one of the most unique ever because it took place during the COVID pandemic and filmmakers shot in isolation for safety reasons. We called it our first ever #IsolationEdition. The theme, upon which all the films were based, was GOING VIRAL and we added a mystery item that had to be used as a prop. Tyler Ham Pong, the 2020 Shootout Coordinator, chose toilet paper as that prop. Anyone who experienced the pandemic in the US that year knows why.

Watch all the 2020 72 Hour Shootout films here and vote for your favorite films in the Audience Choice Awards by liking the film here

The top ten 2020 72 Hour Shootout films PREMIERED at the Asian American Internat’l Film Festival Oct. 1-11, 2020! The top 50 were televised across the country on the series Film Lab Presents.

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