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Industry Professionals


Siying Chen (formerly Zhang, Kara)

Leading Woman 20’s Languages:  Mandarin Chinese (fluent), English, Korean (conversational) Contact Website Member, Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA Non-Union

Mertz, Charito

Leading, Character English (fluent), Spanish (beginning) Website Contact via Bohemia Group (323.462.5800) Member, Asian American Film Lab NEW YORK, NJ, LOS ANGELES

Marone, Nikole

Leading/Character 30’s/40’s Languages and Level:  English-Native, Spanish (conversational) Website Contact: Theatrical (818) 557-8284; Commercial: (646) 821-4580 Member, Asian American Film Lab NEW YORK Non Union

Mizushima, Jan

Type: Leading, Character, Support Age Range: 30’s/40’s Languages: English(native), Japanese(fluent) Website: www.janmizushima.comContact Email: SAG-AFTRA

B. Bastian (formerly Nesbastiansyah, B.)

Stage name:  B. Bastian Leading Woman 30’s Languages:  Bahasa (Indonesian) (fluent); English (fluent); Mandarin (conversational) Contact Member, Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA

Novyane, Fenny

Character Languages:  English (fluent), Indonesian (fluent), Mandarin (conversational/basic) 20’s/30’s Contact Member, Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK Non-Union

Oguma, Olivia

Any Type 30’s Languages and Level (fluent, conversational, etc.): fluent in  English, some Japanese  Website AGENCY: Legit- DGRW commercial- CESD Member Film Lab NEW YORK  Union Status AEA, SAG-AFTRA  Best Actress 2014 for the film Take Out in the Asian American 72 Hour Shootout; Best Actress CT CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD for BFE 

Pereda, Jacqueline

30’s/40’s Languages:  English (native), Spanish (fluent) Member, Asian American Film Lab, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut  Non-Union

Rhee, Lil

Professional Asian female, Comedy, Action  50’s English (fluent) Website: Contact:  Member, Asian American Film Lab NEW YORK SAG-AFTRA 6 Telly Awards

Saigal, Mahima

Lead/Supporting/Ingenue 20’s/30’s Languages:  English, Hindi, Hinglish Website Contact via Avanti Talent Management NYC Member, Film Lab NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY Non Union Winner Best Ensemble SAIPAF 2015 – NY