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Carpio, Marissa

30’s/40’s Languages:  English (native); Spanish (conversational) Contact Member, Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK Non-Union

Chang, Lia

Leading/Corporate 50’s/60’s Language: English (native) IMDB Contact Commercial Agent: Abrams Artists 646-486-4600 Member, Asian American Film Lab, New York SAG-AFTRA Awards 1997 Avenue Magazine named her one of the “One Hundred Most Influential Asian Americans” 2000 Organization of Chinese Americans 2000 Chinese American Journalist Award 2001 Asian American Journalists Association National Award for New Media

Cheung, Cindy

Comedic/Mother/Professional 40’s Languages:  English (native), Cantonese (basic), Mandarin (basic) Imdb Link Contact Hartig-Hilepo Agency – (212) 929-1772 Member, Film Lab NEW YORK Unions:  SAG-AFTRA, AEA

David, Kimberly

Leading, Young Professional, Character 20’s Languages and Level:  English (Native), French (Conversational), Creole (Conversational) Website Contact Member, Film Lab, NEW YORK Non-Union

Duong, Tina

Young professional, ingenue, antagonist, femme fatale 30’s Vietnamese (language) Website   Contact: Peter Coe 267-640-2009, Member, Asian American Film Lab, NYC/LA bi-coastal, PhiladelphiaNon-union, SAG-Eligible Best Ensemble, “Chills”

Fulton, Kristin

Leading/Professional 40’s Languages:  English (fluent, native) Contact: Member Film Lab, NEW YORKSAG-AFTRA

Goto, Jean

Leading/Best Friend 30’s Languages:  English (native) Website Contact Member Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK, Non-Union.

Ho, Thuy

Leading 20’s/30’s Languages:  English (fluent), Vietnamese (conversational) Website Contact Agency Contact is Renée Glicker at About Artists Member, Asian American Film Lab, NEW YORK Non-Union.