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Monsters Among Us

A new kind of horror. Coming soon…

Introduction: Welcome to “Monsters Among Us,” a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the depths of human morality and the darkness that resides within seemingly ordinary individuals. In this film, we explore themes of vengeance, ethical boundaries, and the chilling realization that evil can lurk behind the most respectable facades.

Synopsis: “Monsters Among Us” follows the journey of Cara Urbina, a respected investigative journalist known for her uncompromising pursuit of truth. When Cara was young, her mother, a passionate eco-activist, was brutally murdered, seemingly by a shadowy corporation connected to a series of unsolved crimes.

Driven by grief and a thirst for justice, Cara ultimately uncovers unsettling truths about a Dr. Elizabeth Murray, a renowned scientist admired by the community for her groundbreaking research. As Cara delves deeper into Dr. Murray’s world, she discovers horrifying experiments that challenge her perception of good and evil.


  • Normalization of Cruelty: The film provocatively examines how societal norms and personal justifications can lead ordinary people to commit heinous acts, underlining the dangers of moral ambiguity.
  • Exploration of Vengeance: Cara’s descent into darkness explores the consequences of vengeance and the moral dilemmas faced when seeking justice through questionable means.
  • Perception vs. Reality: Dr. Murray’s transformation from a respected figure to a symbol of terror forces audiences to confront their assumptions and prejudices about who can be a “monster.”

Narrative Approach:

  • Psychological Tension: Through atmospheric cinematography and a haunting score, “Monsters Among Us” builds suspense, keeping audiences on edge as they navigate Cara’s unraveling reality.
  • Character Depth: Complex characters, including Cara and Dr. Murray, are portrayed with nuance, challenging viewers to empathize with their motivations even as they commit reprehensible acts.

Market Appeal:

  • Genre Strength: Horror and psychological thrillers consistently draw large audiences, particularly those craving thought-provoking narratives that challenge conventions.
  • Timeliness: The exploration of ethical boundaries and the dark side of human nature resonates in today’s world, where moral ambiguities and societal norms are increasingly scrutinized.

Production and Investment:

  • Budget Allocation: Funds will support top-tier casting, immersive set design, high-quality production values, and strategic marketing efforts to ensure broad distribution and audience engagement.

Conclusion:  “Monsters Among Us” is not just another horror film; it’s a bold exploration of the shadows within us all. By investing in this project, you are supporting a compelling narrative that challenges audiences to question their perceptions of morality and the boundaries between good and evil. Join us in bringing this chilling tale to life and making a significant impact in the world of psychological thrillers.

Contact Information: For further details and investment opportunities, please contact Together, let’s unleash the monsters that dwell within us all.

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Who Killed Cara’s Mother?

Cara Urbina

“There is no natural justice.  If we want it, we have to create it.”

Mystery Man

News coverage of the 1980’s disappearance of Cara’s mother hinted at the possible guilt of a biomedical corporate entity worth billions, but the stories were buried. Click here for one of the first news stories.

Margaret Murray

Gruesome footage reveals the nightmares created in the Murray Lab.  **Trigger warning: clicking here will lead to a reveal that may disturb some viewers**

Monsters Among Us

When an average woman kidnaps a respected scientist engaging in nightmarish experiments, viewers are forced to confront their own moral compasses, blurring the lines between good and evil to the extreme.