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72 Hour Shootout Coordinator

The 72 Hour Shootout is one of Film Lab’s best known events, consisting of a filmmaking competition in which diversity and parity take center stage. Filmmakers compete for network screen tests and mentorships, among other things. The 72 Hour Shootout Coordinator position is a rotating one, attracting filmmakers, editors and actors. To apply, email your resume and references to between August and February. The position encompasses March – July.

Past Coordinators:

2024: Francis Chin, Shootout Coordinator for 2024. Francis has led numerous 72 Hour Film Shootout teams. These productions were often shot and edited simultaneously in New York and Asia, and have won the Best Screenwriting and Best Use of Theme awards. Francis is a born and bred New Yorker, growing up and residing in Brooklyn. He honors his Caribbean Chinese roots by continuing his father’s tradition of baking black cake every December.

2023: Andrea Lee, with the assistance of Ray Lanuza and Luana Sandoval, coordinated the 2023 72 Hour Shootout. The 2023 Shootout focused on patterns of micro-aggressions against Asian Americans in the post-COVD era.

2022: The 2022 Shootout Coordinator was Korean citizen Ariel Urim. Ariel was a multi-hyphenate artist with “an aesthetic constructed through trauma, embodied research,” and her identity as a Korean woman in diaspora.

2021: The 2021 Shootout Coordinator was Shing Chung. Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Shenzhen and California, Shing is an aspiring actor who worked in productions in the Bay Area, Chicago, and New York, and has appeared in independent short films across the country. He enjoys facilitating events that unite filmmakers and talents and creating platforms for people like himself to network and collaborate. As an immigrant moving to the States from China at an early age, Shing has always had a passion for telling stories about diverse communities because he came from one. He was an intern for the Film Lab before becoming the coordinator for the 2021 72 Hour Shootout. This year, he wants to continue the mission statement of the Film Lab which is to offer opportunities to underrepresented filmmakers for them to make films that reflect the social issues that they want to address. 

2020: Tyler Ham Pong acted as coordinator in 2020. Born in Ottawa, Tyler Ham Pong first appeared onstage as Lorenzo in “The Merchant of Venice” at the National Arts Centre in Canada. He would later move to New York City to further his acting career where he wrote and starred in “Moony Mercury” at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. In 2011, he won the Best Actor Award at the 72 Hour Shootout for his film “Sawaru,” encouraging his involvement in the Asian American Film Lab and future Shootouts.  Tyler relocated to Los Angeles to pursue various film and television roles while continuing to create his own content. He won numerous accolades for his screenplays, “Dreamer In Exile,” and “Breakup Brody,” including an Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival in 2011. He also won the Best Screenwriter Award in 2014 from the 72 Hour Shootout for “Case File 69.” One of his most recent films “Leap” screened at numerous festivals, including the FirstGlance Film Festival and Chelsea Film Festival. It was also selected for Amazon Prime Video’s first ever online film festival, All Voices Film Festival.  Tyler’s film “The Real McCoy” won Best Actor and Grand Prize at the 2019 72 Hour Shootout, a milestone in his relationship with the competition. This year, he is honored to coordinate the 2020 72 Hour Shootout, and help promote diversity in media.  Aside from acting and filmmaking, Tyler is currently a travel host for Visit the USA, and has been an Associate Producer on several reality TV shows. He is based in Los Angeles and is the proud owner/operator of Kill the Pig Productions.  No actual pigs have been killed.

2019: Director Kadaja Brown coordinated the 2019 Shootout with the assistance of aspiring actor Nicky Khor. Kadaja is a Barnard alum and seeks to promote and develop underrepresented filmmakers.

2018: Editor Jatin Chhugani, himself a multi-time award winner of past Shootouts, coordinated the 72 Hour Shootout.