The Film Lab is looking for a dynamic filmmaker with editing skills, artistic vision and a strong commitment to diversity to coordinate the 2016 72 Hour Shootout!  Apply and learn more by emailing between December 1 and 31, 2015!  GOOD LUCK!!!

The World Premiere of the TOP TEN films of the Eleventh Annual 72 Hour Shootout Filmmaking Competition took place at the Asian American International Film Festival in NYC on July 25th.  

*Registration for 2016 will open on Match 1, 2016*

For photos, click here.  For the press release, click here.  For the write up in Backstage Pass, click here.  Congratulations to all the filmmakers!  The top 40 films will roll out on AAFL TV.  Subscribe for free at so you get to see them all!

Select Shootout films will also screen at the Time Warner Theatre on October 7th, at the Asians on Film Festival in Hollywood and much more.  Stay posted via our homepage, Facebook and Twitter.


The award winners of the 2015 72 Hour Shootout:

My Two Faces by “Inspirasian” (Top Ten Film; Most Original Use of Theme)

Bare by “Chomp Productions” (Top Ten Film)

A Case of Mistaken Identities by “Dayside Productions” (Top Ten Film)

Finding You by “The Perfect Asian Pair” (Top Ten Film; Best Actor, Grant Chang; Best Director, Grant Chang)

Funny Faces by “Random Fox Productions” (Top Ten Film)

Hide and Seek by “GK Films” (Top Ten Film)

Rest Stop by “DTX Pictures” (Top Ten Film)

The Other Woman by “Tiny Giants” (Top Ten Film)

One Lunch by “RAWMIX Productions” (Top Ten Film; Best Writer, Rommel Andaya)

Boxer by “The MFA’s” (Top Ten Film; Grand Prize Winner; Best Actress; and Best Action Film, Toy Lei)

Shattered Beauty by “Team Spirited” (Snigdha Kappor, Best Cinematographer; and Audience Choice Award  2015)


Few actions light the fires of change more than a challenge. It ignites the imagination. It fuels progress. It forges the most enduring friendships. Above all, it has the power to change minds.

 The 72 Hour Shootout matters.

In just one weekend, some of the world’s most brilliant filmmakers tackle the inequality of their industry, with amazing results. All over the world, multi-racial teams work together with a common goal. In that brief span they laugh, love, cry, fight, discover, and learn until, finally, they see. Then they share that vision with us. The result is a staggering body of work, hundreds of short films to date, which entertain, encourage, and challenge viewers to go on their own journeys.

 The focus of 2015, “Look Deeper” celebrates the beauty we all wear.  The theme of the 2015 competition is TWO FACES.

Since the inception of the 72 Hour Shootout, Asians and Asian Americans have enjoyed a growing presence in film, due in large part to the growing awareness among filmmakers.  

Looking at 2014-15 network television programming, although the Asian American population is rising, its representation on major television networks is actually declining (the only racial group to have declined in 2014 according to SAG-AFTRA, despite an increase in population!).  To make your mark in the shortest time possible, there is no better place than the 72 Hour Shootout.  After a decade of Shootouts, which have inspired thousands of filmmakers and audience members, it’s your turn to become part of the legacy.

Accept the challenge.  Support diversity in media!  

 THE TOP TEN FILMS OF 2014 and 2015 PREMIERED TO SOLD OUT THEATRES.   Want to see all the films from the past 11 years?  Subscribe to our Shootout channel (for free!) here.  We'll do the top ten on the AAFL TV channel starting in August 2015.  Subscribe for free here.  Here's a sneak peak:

Select winning films also screen at The Time Warner Media Center, on CrossingsTV, AAFL TV, at the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles, the New York Indian Film Festival, and on Film Lab Presents, the tv series.  

The 72 Hour Shootout is a registered Trademark of the Asian American Film Lab.

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What IS the 72 Hour Shootout? 

Celebrating diversity and artistic empowerment, the  Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout (“Shootout”) is a worldwide competition in which filmmaking teams are given a common theme at the start and then have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and complete short films up to five minutes in length. Teams compete for cash, prizes and the chance to have their films screened at the prestigious Asian American International Film Festival (“AAIFF”), New York’s leading festival for independent Asian and Asian American film and video, and the first and longest-running U.S. festival of its kind.  As an integral part of AAIFF, the Shootout celebrates the creativity and genius of the directors, their casts and crews as they share stories by, about and for Asian Americans and other filmmakers of color with the world.  AAIFF has played a vital role in discovering and nurturing such acclaimed talent as Wayne Wang (THE JOY LUCK CLUB), Ang Lee (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN), Mira Nair (THE NAMESAKE), Zhang Yimou (HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS), Christine Choy (WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN?), Steven Okazaki (THE MUSHROOM CLUB), Jessica Yu (PING PONG PLAYA), and Justin Lin (FAST FIVE).  The top ten films also screen at the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles, and at the New York Indian Film Festival in New York City, and contend for TELEVISED showcase on AAFL TV!

The competition creates a valuable opportunity for Asian American writers and filmmakers and other filmmakers of color to demonstrate their talent, gain exposure in the entertainment industry and impact the visibility of Asian American stories and characters in film. One of the Shootout requirements is that at least one key production member (e.g., director, producer or writer) and a principal actor from each team must be of Asian descent.

Registration Opens March 1 and lasts until the June Launch Party, at which the THEME is announced.

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